1000-arm-chenrezigThe most important practice is the recitation of the mantra “OM MANI PADME HUM.” Each syllable symbolizes one of the five wisdoms and each syllable corresponds to one perfection. The first syllable OM is visualized as white. OM corresponds to the perfection of concentration. OM purifies the negativities that arise from pride. Although we have the karmic potential of being reborn in the god realm, this syllable seals the doors to that rebirth. By reciting OM one’s activity will increase until it is as great as that of the most powerful god, Indra. This syllable corresponds to the Buddha family of Ratnasambhavaa.

MA is visualized as green. It corresponds to the Buddhas’ activity, which is born out of boundless love. The syllable MA corresponds to the perfection of patience and seals the door to being reborn in the demigod realm, which is the result of jealousy. Through reciting MA one can increase the power of one’s activity to the level of the highest demigod, Topsang. In each of the six realms there is a Buddha and the most powerful being is considered to be his incarnation. In the demigod realm, this Buddha is Topsang. Reciting MA plants a seed to achieve Buddhahood in the Amoghasiddhi family.

The color of NI is yellow. Is the embodiment of all the Buddhas’ actions of body, speech, and mind. It represents the perfection of morality. It purifies grasping, which frees us from the four doors of birth, illness, old age, and death. By reciting NI one will achieve the level of activity of Buddha Shakyamuni. It corresponds to the wisdom of equality and plants the seed of achieving Buddhahood in the family of the primordial Buddha, Vajradhara.

The syllable PAD is dark blue in color. It is the embodiment of limitless equanimity and corresponds to the perfection of wisdom. It removes the negativities caused by ignorance and seals the door to rebirth in the animal realm. Through reciting it one’s activity will become equivalent to the great lion Sangyela Ten (stability). It embodies the wisdom of the equality of phenomena and through it one will achieve Buddhahood in the family of Vairochana.

The color of ME is red. It corresponds to the perfection of giving and seals the door to rebirth in the realm of hungry ghosts. Through reciting ME one will achieve the level of activity of Fire Mouth, an incarnation of the Buddha. One will be able to achieve Buddhahood in the family of Amitabha.

The color of the syllable HUNG is black. It corresponds to the perfection of wisdom. It has the power to purify that activities from hated and seals the door to rebirth in the hell realms. It symbolizes the mirror-like wisdom and results in rebirth in the realm of Akshobhya.

This is a concise commentary on the benefits of reciting the six syllable mantra. Sometimes too lengthy an explanation only causes confusion in one’s practice. Monks who excel in debate sometimes have trouble with meditation. This is because when your mind is too inquisitive it tries to analyze every word of the Buddha and one loses faith. So one has to understand the meaning of dharma, but if you if engage in only the practice of words, it’s like trying to measure the extent of space. So it’s important to know the meaning of words.

When you do the practice of Chenrezig, first you generate the mind of bodhicitta and then generate yourself in the form of Chenrezig. It is not possible to continuously maintain the visualization but it’s important to maintain the divine pride that you are Chenrezig and the motivation of bodhicitta. Even though you may lose the clarity of the visualization you maintain the divine pride. Think that you are relieving the suffering of the beings in the six realms while reciting the mantra. Think that all sentient beings are transformed into Chenrezig and have the great compassion of Chenrezig. I’m sure if you practice like this, it will have benefits. Wherever there is a bodhisattva, due to the power of their bodhicitta the minds of beings in the area is benefited. Similarly, if a bodhisattva lives at the head of a river, all beings downstream are benefited.

The benefits of reciting Chenrezig’s mantra are inconceivable . If you recite the long mantra one time, then according to the texts, it purifies the heavy negative karma of the four root downfalls of pratimoksha (individual liberation). So this very heavy negative karma is completely purified.

This is just to give you a very rough idea of the benefits and the power of this mantra. Not only does it purify all this negative karma, but also it fulfills all your wishes of happiness, to achieve enlightenment, to be able to liberate numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering and its causes, karma and delusion, and to bring each and every sentient being to the peerless happiness – full enlightenment. There is no greater success than this in your life. By the way you achieve liberation from the oceans of samsaric suffering, by the way you achieve all the happiness of future lives, and by the way you achieve all the happiness of this life, as well as all your needs.